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2011 Nationals not held due to bad weather!

The Second Annual "SmallOldTimers Nationals" was scheduled to be held on Thursday afternoon, October 6, 2011 at the SAM Champs RC site at El Dorado Dry Lake, Boulder City, Nevada. Several pilots were present to fly, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the very high winds that afternoon put an end to our hopes for a great event. We will once again try it at the 2012 SAM Champs in Muncie, IN.  Dates and times to be announced. 

Pictures and results from the 2011 event may be seen by clicking here!

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SmallOldTimers...What we are all about.............

This site is dedicated to the proliferation of Antique, Old Timer, and Vintage Micro-Sized model airplane designs. Both Scale & Sport designs are recognized.  The size of the "legal" planes makes them suitable for Small Field and Park Flying. See the Details below.

It is our hope that you will see these smaller planes as a starting point to become acquainted with the classic designs of yesteryear. With the loss of so many flying fields these days smaller planes are a viable alternative for many folks wanting to get into Old Timers Model Airplanes. 

It is also our hope that in becoming acquainted with these older designs and their construction techniques, you might learn to build your own planes using the classic methods of "Scratch building", and "Kit building" instead of just opening up a box and pulling out an ARF! There are rewarding experiences awaiting anyone who builds his or her own model airplanes!  If we can point you in the right direction to that end, we will have accomplished our desires.

SmallOldTimers.ComTM Contributors and operators  are folks who are members of  and support "SAM", the "Society of Antique Modelers".  We highly recommend SAM to anyone interested in building and flying the old designs.  You can learn more about SAM by clicking on the name above (See disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

  SmallOldTimers.comTM Contribututors and operators are folks who are also members of and support the Vintage Radio Control Society  The VR/CS supports "Vintage" Radio Control Models of a different era from SAM.  You can learn more about the VR/CS by clicking on the link above and looking at their website. (See Disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

Basic Rules for "Small Old Timers" Legal planes are as follows:

Class 1 "Antique Class" (designed, built and/or published prior to 12/31/1942)

Class 2 "Vintage Class" (35 years old design  prior to the first of each calendar year)

Class 3: "Scale Class" (Scale Models of actual man carrying Full Scale Aircraft built before 12/31/1945)

Model Requirements:

  • Wingspans no larger than 24" Monoplane, 18" biplane
  • 2.4 gHz radio gear (because of multi-plane mass launch events, etc.) for R/C versions
  • Must use original materials and construction techniques (Balsa, no foam, etc)
  • Modern adhesives and coverings allowed but vintage coverings preferred when possible
  • Planes must maintain the outlines and proportions of the original design, though it is not required to use the exact structure, as doing so when scaled to Micro size would not be feasible on some designs due to wood sizes, etc.  Integrity of the design is our goal.  (If it is a Bomber, it has to look like a Bomber, etc)
  • R/C, Rubber Powered, Free Flight. and Gliders are O.K. as long as they follow the above criteria
  • "SmallOldtimers"TM legal designs are for both Indoor and Outdoor venues
  • Any SAM legal plane or VRCS legal plane scaled to meet size requirements above.  Planes not legal for one of these two organizations are NOT SmallOldtimers legal.

NOTE:  There is no "Sport" class, etc., as all planes must be legal designs of either SAM or VRCS, or Scale meeting the above requirements.  No custom designs permitted.

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We plan to have interesting and informative articles written by folks who have "Been There, Done That" to help you in your quest for that perfect model.

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We will provide the locations and information for Small Old Timer type events, and also the locations of fields across the nation that you can go to to get help or to fly your planes.

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SAM, the Society of Antique Modelers is not responsible for any content on this site, and has given its express written permission for us to mention its name, post the logo, and link to its website.

VR/CS, the Vintage Radio control Society, is not responsible for any content on this site, and has given its express written permission for us to mention its name, post the logo, and link to its website.